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Hi Everyone!!I am Dr Lallan here.

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Friday Aug 27, 2021

Below are the simple tips for why you need to blog for your business.
Boost To Search Engine Optimization In A Long Run
Strengthen Relationships With Your Customers
Establish Your Business As An Industry Leader
Connect People To Your Brand

Life Money Tips

Tuesday Jul 28, 2020

Tuesday Jul 28, 2020

Hi Everyone,
I am Dr Lallan here. Again welcome to my podcast. This time the topic is about life money tips. There so many ways to earn money, invest and save money in our lives.
However i am providing simple life money tips to help us to face some aspects of pendulum of life. All rich people and entrepreneurs clearly understand that life moves like a pendulum.

Mystery About The Connectors

Monday May 25, 2020

Monday May 25, 2020

Hi Everyone,
I always mentioned about the Connectors in my workshopsand how the Connectors have helped me in my business.
They are also known as the Law of The Few from the book known as "The Tipping Point".
What are the connectors?They are people with a huge circle of connections with acquaintances.They can work as a company or individual. Why are they soimportant?

Tuesday Mar 31, 2020

Why i choose this topic because business ownersand SMEs are having a hard time due to covid19 lockdown.
But business owners have something special with them,which called the entrepreneurial spirit. Basically they have entrepreneurialspirit.
However there are some entrepreneurs are still able to make money during thislockdown period. How is this possible. They have extended their entrepreneurialspirit.

Monday Mar 30, 2020

Covid19 - How To Transform Your Business In A Simple Way?
1. Times are very bad for business owners due to lockdowns - businesses cannot physically operate - business owners are finding difficult to pay their workers - business owners are finding are hard to get sales
2. What will be the best solution, of course taking your business online.
What to consider before going online and what are the simple steps?

Thursday Mar 26, 2020

All of us are branding using marketing techniques as below :
1. Social Media - very short term and requires a lot of cost and time
2. Writing books - Its not enough
3. Public speaking - its not enough
4. Branding expert - It depends on how people or the company practice the branding blueprint.
So what is happening here? What is Beyond Branding?

How To Print Money?

Wednesday Mar 25, 2020

Wednesday Mar 25, 2020

Hi Everyone!!I have chosen this topic title "How To Print Money?" to help entrepreneurs to expand their business and exploit for more profits. Basically printing money does not mean printing paper money. What I meant by printing money is by printing money through our products and services.
I have explained few ways you can print money through your businesses.

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